Why You Should Learn To Drive Today

learn to driveLet’s be honest, learning to drive is scary. Cars are massive forms of hulking metal that can travel at incredible speeds and are controlled by very fallible human beings. They have the ability to deal unbelievable amounts of damage, but also allow people to travel farther than they ever imagined, in shorter amounts of time than were thought possible. With great risks come great rewards, as they say, and that includes getting behind the wheel of a car. Here are a few reasons why you should bite the proverbial bullet and learn to drive today.

Go Where Many People Have Gone Before

The accessibility of today’s world is kind of ridiculous. In the past, the only way to visit another culture or climate was to read about it (or be independently wealthy). Nowadays, airplanes can travel over 9,000 miles in a single trip, and trains can speed along at around 200 mph. Cars haven’t quite reached that capacity, but they allow an individual access to go wherever they wish: down the street to the local movie theater, over a few towns to the nearest shopping mall, and even across the entire country to see the sights.

Driving courses and drivers ed classes offer an instructor-led way to gain access to all that accessibility! The sooner you take driving classes and learn to drive, the sooner you can be on an adventure — whether that takes the form of a cross-country journey to the ocean or a simple trip to the grocery store.

Independence, Here You Come!

Being able to drive yourself to wherever you wish to go is the absolute definition of freedom. You no longer need to rely on a parent or friend to cart you around; if you have errands to run, you can run them quickly without bothering anyone. If you are desperate to see a new movie that no one else is interested in, you can just take yourself! You are limited by nothing and no one.

People drive between 9,709 and 12,264 miles a year, depending on where they live. They’ve already discovered the benefits of knowing how to drive a vehicle — even if much of that time is spent commuting to and from work, it’s time they didn’t have to spend waiting for a bus or crowded by strangers. Join the over 214 million licensed drivers in this country; sign up for a beginner driving course and learn to drive today.

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