Why All Parents Should Be Involved As Their Children Begin Driving

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Everyone who has obtained their license remembers the thrill of finally being able to set out on their own. The freedom and independence that drivers licenses grant are unparalleled in life, at least from a teen’s perspective. Unfortunately, it can be a little too tempting in the beginning: in their first year on the road, teens are nearly 10 times more likely to be in a crash. This is precisely why parents must be involved through every step of the learning process.

Step One: Observation

Kids have always learned by watching — it’s one of the reasons they mimic behaviors as toddlers. This is why practicing safe driving skills yourself is an excellent way of teaching your children. As their first lesson on the road (even if they’re unaware of it), you’ll be demonstrating how a safe and responsible driver acts. Before long, they’ll have picked up the habits themselves.

Step Two: Supervision Required

Once your child has gotten their learners permit, they’ll need to complete a certain number of supervised driving hours. Try to resist dropping them at a drivers ed school for the majority of this time; instead, view it as an opportunity to learn and grow together. Do your best to be calm and provide constructive criticism, and your relationship will get stronger alongside their driving skills.

Step Three: Independence At Last

When your child finally gets that elusive license, you have the right to set limits on it, at least until you’re more confident in their abilities. For example, no driving past sundown, in bad weather, etc. Be reasonable in your restrictions and let them drive as much as possible, especially if you have the opportunity to be a passenger.

The urge to simply sign your child up for drivers ed classes, or drop them off at a beginner driving school, may be strong (after all, the idea of your baby behind the wheel of a car can be quite scary), but your involvement is crucial to their safety. Whether you live in the snowy northeast or a sunny city like Chandler drivers ed classes can only do so much. It is parental support, encouragement, and reinforcement that truly teaches young drivers how to handle being a part of the 214 million drivers in the country.

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