Understanding The Defensive Driving Formula

defensive driving school PhoenixApproximately 6 million car accidents occur every year in the United States. Because many of these involve young, inexperienced drivers, there is an added emphasis on the benefits of defensive driving schools and defensive drivers ed classes; the better prepared you are to recognize a dangerous situation on the road, the more equipped you’ll be to avoid it. The defensive driving formula describes the three steps involved in this learning process.

  1. SEE The Hazard: Awareness is extremely important when you’re on the road. You should be constantly scanning the pavement ahead of you, and checking your mirrors with relative frequency; do your best to think about the behavior of other cars — and what they might do — as far in advance as possible. Never assume that a hazardous condition will have passed before you pass it. Although this seems like the simplest step, learning to be constantly aware by observing your surroundings is a very difficult skill to learn.
  2. UNDERSTAND The Defense: Most dangerous situations on the road require specific behaviors to handle them. Fortunately, your anticipation of such a scenario will help you react faster and more accurately; because you’re able to visualize what you need to do, you’ll act quickly and increase your chances of preventing an accident. Remember: if you’ve planned for various scenarios, you’ll feel much more comfortable if you must face them.
  3. ACT In Time: Once you identify a hazard and decide upon a defense, act immediately. The sooner you do so, the more time you’ll have to avoid an accident; if you assume that the problem will clear up on its own, you’ll end up placing yourself and your vehicle in harms way.

Fortunately, there are a number of quality driving safety schools that teach the defensive driving formula. Both you and your child can take advantage of the best defensive driving school Phoenix has to offer by signing up for traffic lessons. Don’t take the risk; enroll in driving classes as soon as possible, even if you think you already have all the information you need.

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