Top Laws and Rules People Forget About Driving

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Drivers education is a fantastic program. When a person needs to learn to drive, there are great opportunities in parking lots with parents. However there comes a time when real traffic lessons are needed and driving practice is important. Driving lessons, in addition to helping new drivers understand the laws and rules of the road, also help new drivers know what to look out for while they are driving.

If you have been driving for a while, it is easy to forget what you didn’t used to know. In fact, continued drivers education may be one of the most significant life saving things to implement for road safety. Experienced drivers can sometimes become a little too relaxed. When drivers get too comfortable, mistakes are made. Mistakes that sometimes lead to severe accidents. Driving School Deer Valley aims to help prevent that.


Common Mistakes by Experienced Drivers:

On average, Americans drive just under 30 miles each day. That is a lot of road time and distance, and small errors and mistakes add up. Many people are driving under the effects of stress and fatigue. Stress and fatigue make drivers much more prone to error. Here are some of the top mistakes experience drivers make, and reasons to attend driving school Deer Valley.

Gentle Breaking: Experienced drivers often feel the need for gentle breaking is gone because they know their cars so well. Statistically, two of the biggest indications of a safe driver are consistent acceleration and consistent breaking (and doing it slowly). Driving school Deer Valley helps remind people that consistent braking and acceleration is not only good for the longevity of the car, but it is also the safest way to drive defensively and help prevent accidents.

Check the Green Lights: Green means go right? Well, not always. Remember, one of the best practices as a driver is to drive defensively. Just because a light turned green, doesn’t mean it is safe to proceed through the intersection. There may be a car coming through the intersection that wasn’t paying attention, or perhaps an ambulance or other emergency vehicle is flying down the road. Regardless, make sure to visually check the intersection before proceeding through a green light.

Maintain Safe Following Distance: This is perhaps one of the most inconsiderate things that experienced drivers forget to do. Not only is maintaining an appropriate following distance the safe thing to do, it is also polite. Having a safe following distance does two things for a driver. First, it gives the driver appropriate time to stop, change lanes, or slow down, in the event of something happening on the road. The second thing, is that it widens the driver’s field of vision. The closer a driver follows behind another car, the more that car reduces the field of vision for the person following. If you have the bad habit of riding cars tails, get yourself into driving school Deer Valley to get a reminder of why it is important to maintain a good following distance.


Appropriate Use of Turn Signals: One thing that new drivers are typically phenomenal at is recognizing that there are other people driving on the road. Experienced drivers . . . well, sometimes we think WE are the only one on the road who matters. Perhaps the most obnoxious trait behind tail gating, is not using blinkers to signal turns and lane changes. Not only does the use of blinkers help keep you safe by letting other drivers know what you are trying to do, but it also speeds up the flow of traffic. Using blinkers is such a simple activity that takes literally zero effort or extra time./p>

Using Smart Phones: We get it. The routine drive to work each morning can be boring and monotonous. Driving home is the same (especially in rush hour traffic). There is a common misconception that it is primarily young kids who use their phones while driving. Experienced drivers often get too comfortable with their ability to drive, and end up using their cell phones inappropriately. Cell phones should only be used in case of emergency while driving a car. If it isn’t an emergency, it can wait. If it can’t wait, pull over.

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