Three Reasons Why Parents Should Consider Drivers Ed For Kids

drivers ed

In this day and age, there are different requirements for drivers ed throughout the country. Within some states, drivers ed is a particular class, required at school. Different states require that students merely learn how to drive at home and take a final test to gain their drivers’ licenses. However, driving lessons can be taken at independent driving schools. It’s understandable that students may not want to take drivers ed lessons if they’re not required of them — especially when those students are teenagers. With that being said, that is exactly why students should take drivers ed! Driving schools offer important opportunities for teenagers and adults alike — anyone who is learning how to drive. Now, more than ever, everyone should learn to drive in a consistent manner, and treat it the same way that they would treat any other type of schooling. Let’s look into some of the reasons why students should take drivers ed at a driving school, rather than simply choosing to practice driving independently.


1. What We Do Now Doesn’t Work


The most important reason why students should take drivers ed at a driving school is that our current system — the required system — is often flawed. It’s estimated that teens are 10 times more likely to crash during their first year on the road, and 20% of 11th grade students are reported to have been in a crash within the past year. For whatever reason, the systems that we have put in place in each state are not working for so many teens. Perhaps this can be linked to individual issues with teenagers. Perhaps this is due to the fact that individual lessons are not good enough. But the specific reason doesn’t matter. What matters is that teenagers are being hurt and killed, and for that matter hurting and killing those on the road with them. Driving schools offer the opportunity for students to learn how to drive in a controlled, standardized setting. At the very minimum, it allows them to get the extra schooling that they often need to really learn how to drive.


2. Standardized Classes


Learning how to drive should be viewed similarly to any other type of education. The fact is that while some of us can learn how to drive at home, many struggle with the lack of structure that home lessons offer. Compare it to learning how to read — while lots of people do benefit from homeschooling, this subject is taught to the majority of Americans in a school setting. Driving schools force students to learn at a structured pace, in a standardized system. For that matter, driving lessons are impossible for students to fake their way through when they’re being monitored by teachers. No matter how well a parent may watch their own children as they learn to drive, it can be easy for students to fake out their required on the road hours. This can’t be done when these hours are completed at driving schools.


3. Learning Post-License


Driving schools allow students to continue learning even after they earn their licenses. Sometimes, this is required — particularly if someone has been in a traffic accident of some kind. However, parents can individually decide to enroll their children in driving lessons, even after their children have earned their permits or licenses. This can be an important judgment call for parents to make when they’re concerned about their children’s driving abilities. The great thing about driving school is that it can be revisited at any point in time.


Ultimately, enrolling in driving school may not seem to be a matter of life and death — but as it can prevent accidents on the road, it really is. Driving school may not be the most fun way for a teenager to spend their time during the summer or after school; but the lessons learned there are more than worth it.

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