Teach Your Kids to Successfully Drive With These 3 Tips

learn to driveWhen it’s time for your kids to learn to drive, you can handle this very important rite of passage in one of two ways. You can either take the lazy approach and let them “figure it out” on their own — only to end up on the hook for a teenager’s expensive insurance premiums after they inevitably cause a fender bender — or you can be proactive about teaching them to drive. This will help them tremendously as they grow older, but it will also keep them safe in the short term. After all, teenagers are some of the most at-risk drivers on the road. Letting them “figure it out” is a recipe for a disaster.

As a decent parent, the choice is easy: you’re going to help your kids learn to drive as much as you can. However, teaching your children to drive can be complicated, so you should keep these things in mind.

Yes, You Have To Let Them Take the Wheel

You should slowly start allowing your children (after they’ve gotten their driving permits) to practice their driving skills. Let them get behind the wheel of the family car and take it around the block a few times. You can also drive them to an empty parking lot where they can test their skills in a stress-free environment.

As long as you’re in the car with them and keep them driving at a level they are comfortable with (no expressways just yet), they should pick up important skills quickly. It’s important not to berate them when they make a simple mistake like so many parents do. If your child is focusing more on doing things correctly because they don’t want to get yelled at, they won’t be focused on the actual road. They’re going to make mistakes when they drive, and that’s okay, just be there to support them when they do.

Teach Them About the Road

Although your kids can’t start driving until they are in their late teens, that doesn’t mean you can’t begin teaching them about the rules of the road and drivers safety at an early age. When you’re driving your kids around, turn off their phones for a little while and teach them about safe driving. That includes driving skills, of course, but it also includes best practices like avoiding distractions. As you find yourself in various roadway situations that are complicated for inexperienced drivers, explain clearly what is happening and why you made the decision that you did. Explaining as you drive will help them get a better idea of the roads when it’s their time to start driving.

Enroll Them in Drivers Education Classes

Even if your kids are in their 20s, there are adult driving classes that will prepare them for the dangerous roadways. Even though 56% of teens rely on their parents to teach them how to drive, you aren’t exactly a professional driving trainer. Enroll them in driving classes so they can learn from experienced professionals.

Follow these simple guidelines and your kids should have safe and successful driving careers. And if it’s time for your kids to learn to drive, contact Driving Arizona today.

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