Safety’s Not Just For Teens: 4 Reasons Adults Should Take Drivers Ed Today

driving courseIf you’ve had your license for more than a decade, you’re probably wondering how you could benefit from signing up for drivers ed classes. While it’s true that the easiest (and usually most effective) way to learn is by doing, there are a few very good reasons why you should take a class to learn more about it, especially if you’re a part of the 86% of Americans who commute to work. You may not need to take lessons on a driving course or practice driving if you’ve been doing so successfully for years — you probably have that part down — but here are four excellent perks of signing up for drivers education as an adult.

  1. It is always good to brush up on your knowledge. If you didn’t have to take driving classes when you were getting your license, you’re going to be surprised about the amount of information you learn in a single, classroom-setting course. From basic information such as what certain road signs mean to heartfelt videos about car crash survivors highlighting the dangers of driving while intoxicated, the experience will be worth your time. You might learn a certain statistic — such as the fact that only 65% of teens wear their seat belts consistently — that shocks you and changes the way you drive (or, if you have children, changes the way you teach them).
  2. You can set a good example for your kids. Many parents sign their children up for drivers ed courses despite never having taken one themselves. It can be hard to reinforce what your child is learning if you’re completely unaware of it — taking a driving course with your son or daughter can strengthen the bond between the two of you in an act of solidarity while also showing them (through actions, not words) that responsible people seek out knowledge that will help them even if it isn’t required of them.
  3. It enables you to familiarize yourself with new traffic rules and laws. In 2005, Arizona passed the Move Over law which requires drivers to move over one lane for safety if they see someone pulled over to the side of the road. This is a relatively new law that carries hefty fines if not obeyed — driving courses make sure you have all the information necessary to keep you and other drivers safe if you’re going to be out on the road.
  4. It can save you money. Everybody loves saving a little extra cash when they can, and successfully completing a driving course, either online or in class, can do just that. By offering an insurance discount, some drivers in Arizona can get up to 20% off their current rates! If that’s not motivation to get yourself into a program at your local driving school, we don’t know what is.

Knowledge is power. Be better, safer driver and sign up for drivers ed classes today.

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