Protecting New Drivers

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Beyond Drivers Ed

Teens are almost 10 times more likely to be in a crash during their first year on the road. Drivers ed is an important part of preparing teenagers for the dangers present on the road. Drivers ed classes can protect new drivers with driving lessons that address real life traffic lessons and on the road experiences. Drivers ed classes can help to safeguard teenagers from the real road dangers that can quickly change their lives forever.

Teens and Driving

The rate of fatality for drivers in the age range of 16 to 19 is four times that of drivers ages 25 to 69 years old. A beginner driver course should not be overlooked as a vital part of a teenager’s education. Defensive driving school is an excellent way to prepare teen drivers for the potential road hazards that can arise from other drivers, challenging weather conditions and unexpected traffic issues. Even the most experienced drivers can have an accident, but a teenager who has had less time on the road to practice and recognize dangers is at a much higher risk.

Learning to respect the road and recognize the consequences of poor decisions behind the wheel is a crucial piece to drivers ed. Drivers ed can reinforce the concepts that parents teach their kids about safe driving, like not texting behind the wheel. A defensive driving school can emphasize the necessity of taking driving seriously and can teach teenagers about the dangers associated with all the possible distractions. Eating while driving, taking selfies, talking to friends in the backseat, changing the radio station or even dropping something in between the seats can be enough distraction to cause a serious accident.

Teenagers in this day and age have grown up in a multi-tasking world with technology at the center of daily life activities. When teenagers are taught about the severity of the consequences associated with using a phone while behind the wheel or even taking their eyes off the road for a short time, the consequences have to stand out enough to impact their behavior. Teenagers can see themselves as invincible, so a driving safety school’s approach to making the consequences real to teens is one more important way to safeguard teenagers and new drivers on the road.

Education Beyond Drivers Ed

While the standard drivers education courses are a good start for most new drivers, there is a lot of education that can still be done after the fact to ensure safe driving. The statistics show that 25% of 9th graders report being in an accident in the last year, and 20% of 11th graders report the same. Giving these young kids an opportunity for ongoing drivers education can help drastically reduce that number, protecting our kids on the road.

We all have a responsibility when driving to not just follow the law, but to drive safely and with courtesy. Driving is a large part of what makes our modern lives so great. We can travel and see an incredible amount of the world with very little cost and many times, we can do it on a whim. Let’s take the opportunity to teach our teens how to be safe and courteous on the roads.

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