Driving School in Peoria, AZ

At Driving Arizona, we believe that advanced driver training is the key to creating confident, skilled drivers. Whether you’re a professional driver, student, or concerned parent, we can help minimize stress on the road with our extensive training and coursework. Our driving school in Peoria, Arizona, has helped many insecure drivers hit the road with renewed self-assurance.

Our curriculum covers advanced maneuvers and driving techniques, which all students can apply to Arizona’s unique roadways and weather challenges. Plus, our experienced instructors offer more than just driving expertise. Students receive supportive, encouraging instruction that allows more room for growth and improvement. We understand that each student learns differently, so our instructors adapt their methods to effectively educate each driver. This open environment creates a comfortable setting for new drivers to ask questions.

The Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) has also contracted our driving school in Peoria, AZ, so you can count on qualified, certified training. From hands-on experience to in-depth classroom study, you’ll learn all the skills you need to develop confidence as a driver.



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Why Choose Driving Arizona?

If you want to expand on your basic driving skills, Driving Arizona can help you achieve that goal. We know that classroom instruction is just as important as practical experience, so we can combine both in our curriculum. With this comprehensive training, you’ll enjoy some amazing advantages that you won’t find at other driver’s education programs in Peoria. Some examples include:

Our Driving School in Peoria

When you enroll in our program, we can adapt your behind-the-wheel training in Peoria to whatever location works best for you. We offer comprehensive classroom training in our Tempe school:

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Driving Education Courses

With our flexible curriculum, you can devise a training strategy that works specifically for you. Browse our options to determine which course is most suitable.

Beginner’s Program – for driving students that haven’t had any practice behind the wheel of a car

Intermediate Program – for students with previous behind-the-wheel experience, but want more time with a driving trainer

Skilled Program – for students that are naturally comfortable behind-the-wheel and still want some time to practice with a trainer

Hourly Driving – individual driving sessions with one of our trainers in an hourly session (two hours minimum). Great for the student drivers that are a little bit nervous behind the wheel of a vehicle.

  • Traffic Survival School

    Traffic Survival School is an MVD mandated or Court Ordered class. You need to complete Traffic Survival School if you have received a Corrective Action Letter/Proof of Assignment or Court Order. Call 480-777-7303 if you have any questions.

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