Learning To Drive: 4 Reason Why Driving Stick Is An Important Skill

driving classes for beginners

Learning how to drive is a vital part of growing up. From the moment you get behind the wheel, you understand both the freedom and the fear involved in controlling a multi-ton vehicle. Depending on the preferences of your parents, you gained experience on one of two types of vehicles: automatic or manual (also known as stick). Though automatic cars have their benefits, here are three reasons why you should learn to drive a stick shift.





When it comes to driving classes for beginners, most get their experience driving manual vehicles; the simplicity allows drivers to exclusively pay attention to the road and how it feels, rather than the complexity of multiple gears and the role they play on the road. That being said, anyone who has gone through beginner driving school should learn the more technical aspect of stick shift; whether you live in the country (where statistically you will drive more miles, around 12,264 annually) or in a bigger city, knowing and understanding both can only help.

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