Know the Law Before You Take to the Streets: Driving in AZ

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Drivers education is a wonderfully beneficial tool created to help young people understand the ins and outs of the road; unfortunately, driving classes aren’t required to obtain your license, meaning many teens and young adults go out on the road without all the proper training and information. This is especially true of certain states which have specific driving laws unique to their state governments, such as Arizona.

Know Your State
Statistics show that Americans drive least between January through March, due to the winter; however, the “winter” in Arizona is considered the best time of the year, attracting tourists and vacationers from all across the country. This makes the winter months a much busier time than it would be in, say, the Northeast, and requires new drivers to be much more vigilant in their day-to-day routines. Hesitation is a major cause of motor vehicle accidents, so finding drivers ed classes to ensure that your child has all the necessary drivers training to proceed safely and confidently on the road can make the difference between a successful grocery trip and a totaled car.

Know the Law
All states have impaired and drunk driving laws in place to protect drivers and pedestrians, but they each vary in terms of the severity of the punishment. It’s always best to avoid the risk if you’ve had a drink or two, but knowing what you might be risking (other than your life and the lives of other drivers on the road) can make you appreciate your freedom to make that choice all the more. In Arizona, an “implied consent” rule allows any officer who has arrested a driver under suspicion of impaired driving to administer a field test of their blood alcohol content. Refusal of this test translates to an immediate surrender and suspension of your license, from 12 months for first time offenders to two years for repeaters, accompanied by a hefty fine and potential jail time.

Arizona also has its own Move Over Law, requiring motorists to move over one lane when they see someone pulled over to the side of the road. If there is no space to move over, you are required to slow down until you have fully and safely passed by. Failure to comply with this law constitutes a moving violation and can come with a fine varying from $150 to $650, not to mention endangering the lives of those who are pulled over by refusing to give them their space.

Practice, Practice, Practice
The good news about all this scary information is that there are drivers ed classes that lay it all out for you or your children in an in-depth, non-intimidating way. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, traffic lessons and driving courses exist to help them get acclimated to the at-first terrifying prospect of driving on their own. The more you practice, the better you’ll get, whether it’s understanding what a certain traffic sign means or just navigating the high speeds of expressways and thruways.

Drivers ed classes are available to everyone, whether you’re 16 years old and your parents are forcing you to take them, or you’re 45 and just want to refresh your memory and potentially learn something new that you weren’t aware of in your previous years of driving. Sign up today and make the roads in Arizona safer than ever before!

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