How to Tell Your Teen is Mentally Prepared for Their First Drivers Ed Course

chandler drivers ed classesThere’s no doubt about it. Driving is a huge responsibility. Most teens get their licenses at sixteen or seventeen but can start learning how to drive much sooner; teens usually acquire their learner’s permit at age fifteen.

But learning to drive and driving itself requires a level of maturity and self-sufficiency. If you are a parent, wondering when is the best time to take your teen in for their first set of Chandler drivers ed classes, keep reading.

These are a few key signs that your teen is mentally prepared for the freedom that comes with having their permit or license.

They take care of responsibilities around the house without you asking them to

This can include everything from walking the dog to washing the dishes after dinner. This shows an immense amount of responsibility, maturity, and initiative that shows they are ready to start learning how to drive.

They don’t break their curfew

If your teen can handle coming home at a reasonable time when they are out with friends on the weekends, odds are they’ll do just as fine even with a license and vehicle. Coming home on time consistently shows that your teen is ready to tackle some more adult-like responsibilities. It’s also a sign that they are great listeners and respect your household rules.

They pay attention while you’re doing the driving

Does your teen text the entire time while they are in the passenger’s seat? Or are they watching your every move and asking questions as you drive them to this week’s soccer match? This attention to your driving is very telling. If you notice they’re showing any kind of interest in learning how to drive, it may be a great time to sign them up for their first driver’s ed course.

They are already confident behind the wheel

If you have ever taken your teen out into an empty parking lot just to do a quick test drive, try to remember how they did. Were they excited and confidant? If so, finding a driver’s course is the next step. If they seemed a bit too timid behind the wheel, it might be best to hold off on enrolling them in a driving school. You want your teen to be comfortable when taking this huge step, after all.

Do they always buckle up?

What’s the first thing your teen does when they get into a car? Hopefully, buckle up their seatbelt. Only 65% of teens wear their seatbelt while in a car. If you want to feel comfortable about your teen driving on their own, make sure they have this safety basic drilled into their head.

Selecting the best Chandler drivers ed classes for your teen

Giving your teen this much responsibility may seem scary at first. Driving is a huge responsibility since it comes with so much freedom. However, if you have noticed one or more of these key signs, it may be time to look into finding the best Chandler drivers ed classes.

Your teen will be just fine on the road, and though it may be difficult to let them go, know that they can handle this grand responsibility all on their own.

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