How a Driving Course Can Protect You From Drunk Drivers

defensive driving classIt’s true that a defensive driving class can save you a lot of money on car insurance. This is often a big incentive for those who decide to take these courses. However, a defensive driving class has a benefit bigger than saving you money or helping you fantasize your action scenes when your favorite director conveniently finds you in the Hollywood Squares.

And that benefit is, unsurprisingly, being able to save your own life. This is especially important on the road nowadays not just because of mannequin deer, but because of the increasing number of incidents involving drunk driving. So if you’re out on the road one night and you happen to see a drunk driver in your midst, here are some ways defensive driving classes can save your neck:

Readiness for evasive action
Evasive action isn’t just for the FBI or Jason Bourne, it’s also important for when you learn to drive. Teenagers are more than 10 times more likely to get into a car accident during their first year of driving than any other driver. This is because they often don’t know how to react on the road when objects, animals, and other drivers wind up in places where they shouldn’t be.

A defensive driving course in addition to traffic lessons can help you be able to identify possible road hazards before they become dangerous, such as identifying a drunk driver before they pass over into your lane. Some of the common signs another driver’s BAC has passed .08% is if they:

It’s important if you find a drunk driver that you don’t attempt to follow them or get them to stop. This can put you in harm’s way. Instead, continue to drive legally using correct traffic signals and be prepared to take evasive action should they cross over into your lane. If you can, consider pulling over and calling the police to notify them of the drunken driver.

Changing the way you drive
Driving classes may teach you the rules of the road, but a defensive driving class will teach you how to behave correctly when others disobey those rules. These types of classes allow you to recognize challenges, but they also teach you not to underestimate other drivers and the impact of a simple hazard. A squirrel on the road, for instance, can cause a lot more damage than you would think.

Defensive driving teaches you to be vigilant and to react in such a way that is safe and knowledgeable rather than reactionary. And it’s that that will keep you safe on the road from drunk drivers and other road hazards.

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