Five Reasons Drivers Ed Makes Young Drivers Safer

traffic lessonsTeen driving. It’s something that strikes fear into the hear of every parent. Well, maybe not quite fear, but we do worry if our kids will practice safe driving when out on the roads. These worries are only compounded by the fact that driver fatality rates are four times higher between the ages of 16 and 19 than they are for those aged 25 to 69. To help curb this statistic, and make teens safer behind the wheel, traffic lessons are essential.

Five Reasons Teens Need Drivers Ed

Driving lessons are more than just learning the rules of the road. They help prepare young drivers for handling difficult situations, inclement weather, and defensive driving practices. Five reasons why this is important include:

  1. Summer Driving
    Between Memorial Day and Labor Day exists something known as the 100 deadliest days of driving. It’s named as such due to the heightened amount of teen car crash fatalities, and there are many reasons why. Because summer allows for more recreational driving, and teens are eager to drive once they can, they are more likely to be out on the roads during these times. Coupled with the fact that they are likely to be with other teens, and the conditions are clear, speeding is a common occurrence. All of these conditions and potential distractions can create the perfect recipe for disaster. Traffic lessons help mitigate this risk by showing teens videos about the high cost of driving recklessly, and by instilling in them the importance of being responsible for the lives of everyone in the car.
  2. The Affects of Crashes and Accidents
    In 2013 an average of 220 teens and passengers were fatally injured in car accidents for each month during the summer. But it’s not just the responsible party that was injured or killed, in fact, the statistics showed that:

    • 50% of injuries occurred in the other vehicle.
    • 30% were fatally injured in the other car.
    • 10% killed were pedestrians.

    Traffic lessons from an accredited driving school help teens understand the risks and responsibilities that come with driving, by showing them statistics like this to give them a better understanding of how important making safe choices is.

  3. Delaying the Process
    In some states, driving lessons aren’t compulsory, meaning teens who turn 18 can apply for licenses without driving lessons. While many states have changed laws to prevent this, it’s important to consider your own state laws to prevent this. Proper traffic lessons can reduce fatal crashes by 38% and decrease injury by 40% in crashes involving 16-year-old drivers.
  4. Distractions
    Teens are notorious for being easily distractable, but when coupled with less experience on the road, this can easily lead to accidents. The most common distractions that lead to teen crashes include:

    • Interacting with other passengers.
    • Cell phone use.
    • Grooming
    • Reaching for something.
  5. Reducing Crashes and Tickets
    Defensive driving focused traffic lessons help teach teens the importance of being safe and make sure they know the severity of making dangerous decisions. Overall, without driving lessons drivers are more likely to get a ticket — up to 75% — and around 24% more likely to be involved in a fatal or injurious accident.

Driving lessons are the first step towards creating safe, defensive, and smart young drivers. Without these lessons, teens will be more likely to overestimate their own skills, engage in reckless behavior, and make unsafe choices behind the wheel. If your teen is interested in driving, reach out to a driving school near you for more information and how to enroll. Drivers ed doesn’t just help teens make good decisions, it can also help give you peace of mind.

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