Drivers Ed FAQs: What Would-Be Driving Students Should Know

driving courseWhether you’re 16 or 60, not knowing how to drive can hold you back. The average American drives 29.2 miles per day, after all — and if you’re unable to provide your own transportation, you may not feel like an independent adult. No one likes bumming rides from friends and family.

If you’ve never driven before, taking a driving course can alleviate your anxieties behind the wheel and give you the tools you need to pass the road test. But if you want to find out more about what drivers education classes entail — or why taking an official driving course may be a better way to practice driving than asking a family member to teach you — we’ve compiled some FAQs that will help.

Who should enroll in driving classes?
Depending on where you live, teenagers aged 15 or 16 and above can learn to drive in a drivers education course. But you can also take a driving course at any age. In Arizona, you must take a driver’s education course or complete 30 supervised driving hours prior to applying for a driver’s license and taking your road test. If you choose to take a driving course, Arizona’s Motor Vehicle Division may waive the portion of your licensing exam that takes place behind the wheel, but this is not always the case. Essentially, if you are at least 15.5 years old and have passed both your written and vision tests, you’ll need to apply for your learner’s permit and can choose to enroll in driver’s ed classes.

What happens in Arizona driving courses?
If you enroll in a driving school like Driving Arizona, you’ll have 30 hours of classroom instruction and six hours of behind-the-wheel instruction. Both portions of your drivers education course will be taught by a certified trainer. Students can enroll in drivers ed either through a professional driving school or through a drivers ed program offered by their public high school. You’ll learn about the basics of operating a vehicle, Arizona driving laws, and safe driving tips. You’ll also benefit from one-on-one instruction. While many schools offer this in a small group setting, you can sign up for additional training with an trainer at professional driving schools.

Why should I enroll in a driving class?
Aside from the fact that it’s often the most straightforward way to learn how to safely drive a car and obtain your license, it’s also a great way to feel more comfortable while on the road. Driving can be intimidating and even scary for many people, but having as much experience as possible can be key in reducing anxiety. And the more knowledge you have, the safer you’ll be when operating a vehicle. You’ll feel much more confident after taking a driving class and will have the skills necessary to back it up.

How much does driving school cost?
Costs of drivers ed courses vary by type and state. You should compare costs of reputable options in your area. Keep in mind that although school-based course trainers are certified, private schools may offer a more personalized experience. That can be important if you’re a nervous driver. And while you may want to explore free driving classes offered online, you need to know that these courses may not always be approved by your state’s DMV. Plus, you’ll learn more behind the wheel than behind a screen. That’s one reason cost is not the only factor to consider — trainer quality, convenience, and accreditation is just as important.

Not only will drivers ed help you become a safer, more confident driver, but it’s one of the best ways to actually obtain your license.

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