Do You Know These 3 Basic Driving Skills?

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If you live in the U.S., learning how to drive is essential. There are over four million miles of roads to travel, you have the freedom to go wherever you’d like! However, you’ll be sharing those miles with around 214 million other licensed drivers in many different climates and weather patterns; only with a complete knowledge of driving skills can you guarantee the safety of you and your passengers. Let’s take a look at three of the most important basic driving skills that you should know.


    1. Maintaining control when a tire blows out. All vehicles have tires, which means all vehicles are susceptible to a blowout. While they’re most common in the summer as the hot air inside tires expands in the higher temperatures, blowouts can happen at any time. There are several steps you should follow if you have a sudden and violent deflation of a tire, but the main goal is to keep your car pointed in a straight line while you slow it down.
    2. Recovering from a slide. Sliding and spinning out of control are consequences that can come from slick roads or tire malfunctions. The key here is to keep your eyes focused on where you want to be rather than on the object toward which you’re going; turn the steering wheel toward where your eyes are and the magic of hand-eye coordination will steer you in the right direction.
    3. Braking with antilock brakes. Nearly every modern car on the road has antilock brakes (ABS). Many people are taught how to drive by their parents, who grew up before the antilock revolution; in an emergency, they get caught up on modulating the pedal and pumping the brakes. Instead of panicking and trying to repeat those steps, you only have to do one thing: press the brake pedal down as hard as you can.


If you’re unable to perform the above techniques, don’t worry! There are plenty of drivers training opportunities available to both experienced and beginner drivers across the country. From drivers ed classes to defensive driving schools, you simply need to find a location near you. With the right drivers training under your belt, no corner of the U.S. will be unreachable!

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