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Driving School in Chandler, AZ

For a parent, student, or even experienced driver, driving on the open and busy roads of Arizona can be stressful and nerve-racking. Here at Driving Arizona, we strive to not only be the best driving school in Chandler, AZ, but also provide you with peace of mind. We will arm you with the necessary driving skills, and you can get behind the wheel knowing you’re prepared and ready to drive.

Driving Arizona is a prominent driving school in Chandler, Arizona, contracted through the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division (MVD). We have a variety of locations across the Valley, so residents will always have the convenience of a local site. Our Chandler location offers East Valley residents easy access to the best driver’s education courses in Arizona.

We offer multiple programs for varying driving skill levels, including beginner, intermediate, and skilled. We also provide hourly driving for students, helping them get more practice behind the wheel and feeling more comfortable and prepared. Our school combines classroom time and behind-the-wheel training, which give students ample time to ask questions and learn the basics, while also allowing time for hands-on learning.

At Driving Arizona, we help people of all ages practice and learn the necessary skills expected of an Arizona driver, and we can help anyone become a skilled driver. Whether you’re a parent, a new driver, or just want to brush up on your driving skills, our training environment provides support, encouragement, and dedication to help effectively learn safe driving techniques.

As the leading driving school in Chandler, AZ, we only hire the best and most experienced trainers. Our staff is highly trained and well-prepared to take any driver out on the road. Each trainer has years of experience under their belt and knows how to adapt their teaching to any student. Our trainers can answer any questions and effectively teach necessary driving skills to ensure you drive safely. Even our school’s founder is highly experienced in driving school leadership and instruction, so our school maintains high expectations and standards when it comes to preparing and teaching students.

Were you MVD-mandated to take traffic school because of a traffic violation or other driving offense? Driving Arizona’s Traffic Survival School is available to those who received a Corrective Action Letter, Proof of Assignment, or Court Order specifying Traffic Survival School. We can help you refresh your memory on traffic laws and brush up on your driving skills, getting you back on the road safer and better prepared to avoid violations in the future.

Ready to perfect your driving skills and get out on the road? Sign up for the programs at our driving school in Chandler, AZ. Contact us today to find the program that works best for you!

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Why Choose Driving Arizona?

Driving Arizona’s Chandler, AZ, driving school provides student drivers with top of the line driver’s education courses and behind-the-wheel training from MVD certified, licensed, and contracted trainers. Your child will receive the knowledge, skills, and abilities they need to drive safely and confidently. What sets us apart from our competition:


Driving Arizona’s Chandler Driving School

If you live in Chandler, AZ and are looking for high-quality driver’s ed. classroom sessions, we have two locations near you of which you can choose:

Driving Arizona LLC
1805 E Elliot Rd. STE 102,
Tempe, AZ 85284

Doubletree Hotel by Hilton
1800 South San Tan Village Pkwy,
Gilbert, AZ 85295

For the in-car training sessions, one of our trainers will pick you up at a predetermined location (i.e. your home, school, etc.) for your convenience. You will drive for two hours with the trainer, and then they will drive you home.


Driving Education Courses

If you’re searching for a driving school in Chandler, AZ, that has the best driver’s education and in-car training programs, Driving Arizona is perfect for you.

Beginner’s Program – for driving students with little to no familiarity driving a vehicle

Intermediate Program – for driving students that have prior behind the wheel experience, but want a little more time with a trainer

Skilled Program – for students that are naturally comfortable behind the wheel and still want some time to practice with a trainer

Hourly Driving – individual driving sessions with one of our trainers in an hourly session (two hours minimum). Great for the student drivers that are a little bit nervous behind the wheel of a car.

  • Traffic Survival School

    Traffic Survival School is an MVD mandated or Court Ordered class. You need to complete Traffic Survival School if you have received a Corrective Action Letter/Proof of Assignment or Court Order. Call 480-777-7303 if you have any questions.

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