6 Safety Tips For Senior Drivers

adult driving courseDriving a vehicle can be intimidating at any age. After all, there are all sorts of things that can go wrong on the road. But these risks tend to increase as we age due to deteriorating vision and hearing, slower reflexes, and the addition of medications. That’s why you need to take steps to prevent accidents before they occur. If you’re a senior or soon-to-be senior who wants to stay safe on the road, be sure to follow the tips below.

  1. Avoid nighttime driving
    Drivers who live out in the country tend to drive greater distances (12,264 miles per year, on average) than those who live in medium-sized towns or cities (9,709 miles per year). But whether you live in a big city or in a small town, you should restrict your driving to daytime hours whenever possible. This is particularly pertinent if you have problems with your night vision, but it really applies to all older individuals. Unless it’s absolutely necessary, don’t drive at night. And don’t be afraid to ask for help from a friend, relative, or car service if you need to travel in the evening.
  2. Take an adult driving course
    Adult driving courses aren’t just for those who haven’t yet gotten their license. Drivers education classes can also be a great refresher for those who have been driving for decades! There are even driving classes and expos geared specifically towards active seniors who want to improve upon their skills and become more familiar with new laws that might impact their driving. Plus, taking an adult driving course can often help reduce your insurance premiums. It’s never a bad idea to keep learning and improving!
  3. Don’t drive in bad weather
    Inclement weather can be hazardous for any driver on the road. But if your reflexes and vision aren’t what they used to be, a routine trip can quickly become perilous. As a general rule, you should take a look at the forecast before getting behind the wheel. When a storm is on the horizon or conditions are extremely windy, delay your trip.
  4. Plan your route ahead of time
    In the digital age, many drivers rely on a GPS or navigation app to get them where they want to go. But these devices can be extremely distracting and pose a danger for many folks. It’s much better to think about the route you’ll take well in advance and bring along a physical map just in case. When you know exactly where you’re headed, you won’t have to worry about looking away from the road or getting lost. Instead, you can concentrate on traffic and making sound driving decisions.
  5. Don’t tailgate
    Any adult driving course trainer will tell you that tailgating is a bad practice, period. Not only is it dangerous for you and other drivers, but it’s really not very effective. When you’re a senior driver, it’s especially important to keep your distance. You’ll need a longer amount of time to come to a stop, which is a luxury you won’t have if you’re traveling too closely to another vehicle. And when you’re approaching an intersection, give yourself plenty of time to come to a complete stop, too.
  6. See your doctor regularly
    Sometimes, what you do when you’re off the road is just as important as what you do when you’re on it. You’ll be a much more prepared driver if you see your doctor on a regular basis to check your vision, hearing, reflexes, and medication interactions. The more you know about your own body and mind, the better off you (and others on the road) will be. This will allow you and your doctor to address any concerns you might have before they ever cause any kind of road accident.

Whether you’re a senior over the age of 65 or you’re a young adult who just needs some extra practice, adult driving courses can help you stay safe on the road. For more information, contact a reputable adult driving school in your area.

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