6 Defensive Driving Tips That Could Save Your Life

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The defensive driving technique is something that every driver should learn. It’s best for teenage and new drivers who are hitting the road for the first time. Statistics show that 56 percent of teenagers rely on their parents or guardians to learn how to drive. Well, while this may work, the learner misses a lot of defensive driving tips.

Good thing many defensive driving tricks guarantee a safe journey. But this doesn’t mean you should be tense all the time. Instead, you need to be alert behind the wheel and check on the actions of other drivers.

There’s nothing bad in driving defensively. It saves lives and prevents accidents.

So, are you a new driver? Maybe you’ve just finished the beginner driving course from a reputable driving school in the area. If so, follow these defensive driving tips. Some of these rules will not only benefit people who want to learn to drive but also seasoned drivers too.

1. Avoid All Distractions

Most people tend to use their mobile phones while driving. Others listen to loud music on their headphones. Don’t do this or anything else that takes your attention from the road.

For example, do you know what happens if you get into your phone for 5 seconds while at the same time driving at 55mph? The car covers the distance of a football field. Plus, there are so many things that can happen during these 5 seconds.

2. Follow the Traffic Signals

Traffic lessons and signals play a vital role in defensive driving tips. As you learn to drive in a driving school, you understand different rules and their importance.

As a driver, you need to pay attention to traffic lights, and speed limits. Also, avoid making any wrong turns. Most beginner drivers tend to tailgate the cars ahead of them. Don’t do this, it is risky.

3. Keep Safe Distance from Other Vehicles

Always maintain a safe distance between your car and the one in front of you. As you learn to drive, most driving schools will advise you to maintain a one or two-car length between the vehicles. The distance should be higher as you increase the speed, or when driving on icy or slippery roads.

4. Familiarize yourself with all Weather Conditions

Driving on a sunny day is fun, especially to beginners. But what happens at night, or during bad weather?

At first, it will be challenging. However, you should learn to drive in all weather conditions. Yes, it will take time to drive at night or through the rain, but with training and experience, you’ll make it.

5. Always Have an Escape Plan

Here is a skill that’s important especially if you want to learn to drive. Yes, you may be keen and attentive while on the road, but this alone will not cut it. The reason, you cannot predict what other drivers and road users will do.

Further, a situation beyond your control may change a routine driving exercise to an emergency very fast. For instance, say a pedestrian runs into the road and everyone slams on their brakes. Alternatively, another driver may experience a tire blowout that forces him or her to spin out of control. What will you do? Or where will you go? As such, as you learn to drive, always have an escape strategy especially during an emergency.

6. Be Prepared at All Times

At times when driving, a split-second decision can mean the difference between life and death. Most defensive driving schools will advise you to be attentive and prepared at all times.

Being prepared requires you to sit up straight, stay awake, keep both hands on the steering wheel and be observant. If you see or notice a hazard in the offing, take necessary measures immediately. Such include slowing down or safely changing lanes. You can also employ other measures to keep your driving environment safer and avoid collisions.


Defensive driving plays a vital role in avoiding crashes on the road. It makes the driving environment safe for you and other road users. Be sure to follow the above tips to boost your safety and reduce risks behind the wheel.

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