5 Tips You Can Use to Become a Better Driver on today’s Chaotic Roads

driving lessonsIf you are a veteran driver, having driven fifteen years or more, then driving has become second nature to you. You do remember how it was at first, though, don’t you? All the seemingly complicated signs and rules?

However, driving needn’t be this difficult. If you want to learn to drive for the first time, you should enroll for driving lessons at a nearby driver’s school. The following tips can help newbies and old-timers alike to become better drivers.

1. Take a Defensive Driving Course

Defensive driving skills refer to driving to save lives, time, and money, regardless of the conditions around you and the actions of other drivers. Defensive driving schools offer driving lessons that will help you pay less car insurance premiums, and that may take points off your driving record. They are also excellent refresher courses for long-time drivers who may have forgotten a lot of what they learned while seeking a driver’s license.

2. Keep Your Hands at the Appropriate Positions on the Wheel

For long, during driving lessons, instructors have been teaching new drivers to keep their hands at the 10 and 2 o’clock positions. However, those guidelines have since changed, and now drivers are required to keep their hands much lower, at either 8 and 4 o’clock or 9 and 3 o’clock. This positioning gives you more stability and control when you’re driving.

These positions are also the most comfortable ergonomic position to keep your hands over long bouts of time. They allow your muscles to be more relaxed, giving you more control over your vehicle and making you a better driver.

3. Do Not Drive When Your Focus is Compromised

Everyone knows how dangerous it is to drive after you’ve been out drinking. However, not enough emphasis is made on making sure you have had enough sleep before jumping behind the wheel. Driving school instructors, during driving lessons, often remind students that being properly rested could mean life or death whenever one is driving.

Study shows that a drowsy driver causes one out of every six fatal crashes. This is why you shouldn’t drive drunk, tired, or when you are under new medication.

4. Do not Speed- It’s Not Worth It

If you are taking driving lessons because you want to be a fast driver, it would be good for you to know that it doesn’t help to speed. A study has proven that unless you are making long car trips, speeding doesn’t make your commute shorter by significant margins of time.

For example, the most time you will save on a trip shorter than 500 miles if you are speeding, is 12 minutes. (And this is only if the journey is at least an hour’s commute.) Not worth it, right? Speeding only puts you and other drivers in danger.

5. Minimize Your Distractions and Know Where You’re Going

We all know not to use our phones while driving; it is both dangerous and a violation of the law. There are various ways to drive safely while using your cell phone, but you are safer putting it off and throwing it in the glove compartment unless you need it for navigation. You should also not eat as you drive, or fumble with the radio, as this makes you a less effective driver.

If you have an overly-talkative passenger, politely ask him to let you focus on the road. You should also make sure that before you make that drive, you know where you are going. Try to scope out the route you will use as diligently as possible before you get on the road- you do not want to get confused while in the middle of the highway.

You can use Google Street View to know the landmarks of where you’re going, and this will make your drive more comfortable.

Final Thoughts

The safest way to learn how to drive is by taking driving lessons at a licensed school. This way, you get accurate information and can get to learn the rules of the road from experts and professionals. In case you haven’t yet, sign up for driving lessons and join the 214 million licensed drivers in the United States!

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