5 Suggestions For Making Your Teen a Safer Driver

driving classesIf you’re a parent of a child that has just started to drive, you have every right to be concerned as only 65% of teens consistently wear their seat belts as both a driver and a passenger of a vehicle. It’s important that they get the right drivers education and driving classes to be a safe and responsible driver.

So to help you instill good driving techniques and practices in your child’s head, here are some tips and suggests:

Make Sure They Pay Attention
In both their driving course and on the road when you practice driving with them. Take the time to give them traffic lessons while being with them while they’re behind the wheel. You want to make sure that they have an understanding of what to do, and what not to do.

Do As You Say
Don’t just tell your child what to do, show them as well. Your teen has probably been watching you drive for a long time, as long as they can remember. And your driving behavior will directly influence how they operate behind the wheel. Driving classes only play a small role in how teens learn to drive.

Pick a Good Drivers Education Course
Many states require a state-approved drivers education course to be taken by teens, and learning from a professional course can help them get the best possible skill set while driving. It’s essential that parents find a course that has current information, and a quality lesson plan for their child.

Have Driving Sessions
Make sure you have your teen drive often, preferably at night, and with your supervision. They can learn in a more practical setting than with a driving class, and get more experience behind the wheel with someone they trust.

Make Good Vehicle Choice
Because teens are at a higher risk for an accident than anyone else, they should be driving the safest vehicle, and one that doesn’t have a hefty price tag, to afford substantial losses. The car should have all the basic safety equipment, including airbags and anti-lock breaks.

These are just some ideas of what to keep in mind alongside your child’s driving classes. It’s important to make sure that you also prepare for what to do in case of an accident. Teach your teen what numbers to dial, and have instructions in the car for them at all times.

So keep your teen, and other drivers on the road, safe with these tips and suggestions. If you have questions, reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help.

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