5 Defensive Driving Tips to Keep You Safe

5 Defensive Driving Tips to Keep You Safe

If all it took to be safe on the road was your own adherence to traffic laws, driving wouldn’t be as dangerous. The reality is, with so many people capable of making mistakes around you, you need to defend yourself in case another driver threatens your safety. To improve in this area, read these defensive driving tips to keep you safe.

Rehearse Preventative Measures

First, always cycle through preventative maneuvers in your mind as you drive. Though this sounds exhausting, it becomes second nature with practice. Take pains to prevent other drivers from cornering you; this way, you’ll always have somewhere to go in the event of an issue. If there are cars on your sides, don’t drive in their blind spots and either speed up or slow down so you have the option of changing lanes. Also, try to limit the time you drive near semitrucks and other larger vehicles. Their blind spots may be large, and their size inhibits your evasive movements.

Scan Around and in Front of You

In order to rehearse what you’ll do in an emergency, you’ll need to consistently scan your perimeter. Periodically check your rearview and side mirrors so you notice when cars are rapidly approaching. This may save you from changing lanes and colliding with an oncoming vehicle. When scanning, it’s also important that you scan several hundred feet in front of you. Because of the high speeds you travel, the obstacles that seem far away may require you to brake sooner than you think.

Don’t Assume People Will Follow the Rules

Another defensive driving tip to keep you safe is to not assume the best of other drivers. It’s responsible to assume people will either blatantly or accidentally ignore traffic rules in your presence. To prepare for this, increase your following distance. This increases your valuable reaction time. Also, check to see that drivers obey stop signs and lights. A major cause of collisions is missing stop signals and proceeding into oncoming traffic. Whether this is due to overly aggressive driving or distraction, you mitigate the effects of another person’s mistake by scanning to see if they are stopping appropriately.

Make Sure You Do Follow Traffic Laws

Though you can’t control if others disobey the rules of the road, do all you can to follow them and alert drivers to your movements. One vital protective measure is signaling when you change lanes. Also, limiting your speed to the posted speed limit gives you more time for crucial evasive maneuvers.

Defensive Driving School

To ensure you grasp these strategies and many more, enrolling in defensive driving school is a logical next step. In these courses, you learn how to put these strategies into action under the guidance of an MVD-certified driving instructor extensively trained to navigate students through every driving situation. If you’re interested, Driving Arizona offers quality defensive driving school classes in Tempe, AZ. Contact us today with your questions about our course offerings.

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