5 Benefits of Driving Classes for Teens

chandler driving classes

Over 6 million car accidents occur every year in the United States. Out of every driver demographic, teens and young adults are at the highest risk of being involved in an injurious or fatal accident. To help prevent this, Chandler driving classes and other driver education programs can help give young drivers the skills to drive safely and defensively. These driving schools can also help instill the weight of responsibility in teen drivers by teaching them the impacts of reckless driving. If you have a teen that is ready to start driving, here are five reasons to sign them up for Chandler driving classes.

  1. Safety: The biggest benefit of Chandler driving classes for teens and young drivers is safety. Without proper driving instruction, teens are 75% more likely to get ticketed, 24% more likely to be in an injurious or fatal accident, and 16% more likely to be involved in a minor accident. By getting proper instruction, teens can be better aware of how to conduct themselves and how to drive in the most responsible manner.
  2. Driving Etiquette: When sharing the road with other vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians, there are specific rules of etiquette that can help drivers reduce potential issues. Certified driving instructors, like those who teach Chandler driving classes, can help teach teens these rules, in addition to the laws regarding how to legally share the road. Learning these steps is one way of the best ways to ensure your teen becomes a conscientious driver and may reduce incidents involving road rage or general confusion.
  3. Confidence: When a teen first gets behind the wheel, they may understandably be nervous. These nerves can cause new drivers to panic and cause accidents if they encounter a situation they are unfamiliar with. Taking a hands-on driving course allows teens to get comfortable behind the wheel and build confidence. As they learn how to handle a variety of different situations, they’ll feel better about heading out on the road and making their own smart decisions.
  4. Reduced Recklessness: Some teens think they’re invincible. However, this misguided feeling can translate to tragedy — especially when a fun night with friends results in a distracted driving accident. Taking a driving course helps curb reckless behaviors and can focus a teen’s mind on safe defensive driving techniques. Instructors will inform students of real-world consequences, allowing them to understand the full weight of responsible driving.
  5. Insurance Discounts: If your teen participates a drivers ed program, they might be eligible for deductions on auto insurance. While this varies from provider to provider, it is something to keep in mind when you sign them up for coverage. Not only can these programs help keep your teen safe behind the wheel, but they can also save your family money each month.

Chandler driving classes help equip teens for the responsibilities of driving. This helps them make informed decisions while on the road and can even allow them to avoid major accidents. You’ll set your teen up to become a highly skilled driver while providing yourself with valuable peace of mind.

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