4 Myths Debunked About Drivers Ed

chandler driving classesOn average, Americans drive the least during the winter months (up to 25.7 miles daily). But spring is just around the corner and many new drivers will soon be getting behind the wheel. One of those new drivers could be you.

Driving lessons provide a lot of good information, but you might have some misconceptions about driving school if you’re new to the road. Here are four myths about driving school that just aren’t true:

  1. Drivers ed classes are for teens. Many teenagers take driving classes because they can’t wait for the independence that driving offers. But there are many adults who take drivers ed classes, too. Whether it’s because you’re new to driving or because you want to refresh your skills on the road, driving classes are for everyone.
  2. Driving classes have a long lecture before you get on the road. It’s true that driving classes have a large amount of classroom time, but it’s usually interspersed with driving time. When a student practices what they’ve learned immediately after they’ve learned it, they’re more likely to understand the relevance of that information.
  3. You don’t need to learn how to drive defensively if you’re responsible. Even a responsible driver can get into an emergency situation. You’re not the only person, or the only thing, on the road when you drive. That’s why driving schools offer defensive driving classes. You’re a responsible driver when you know how to react in an emergency situation, not because you’ve never been in an emergency situation.
  4. You only need to be behind the wheel for six hours. In some states, six hours behind the wheel with a professional instructor is considered adequate driving practice. But in many other states, you need 40 hours of practice behind the wheel. You also need to practice without a driving instructor. This is where your driver’s permit comes into play; you can practice with your parents or another licensed driver in the passenger seat.

Where can I find Chandler driving classes near me?

Up to 56% of teens rely on their parents to teach them how to drive. But your parents might not have the time to teach you so you can get your license. That’s where Chandler driving classes come in.

Whether you’re looking for Chandler driving classes or a Phoenix driving school, Driving Arizona has multiple locations so you can learn to drive safely wherever you are. For more information on our drivers ed classes in Arizona, contact Driving Arizona today.

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