3 Reasons You Might Be Scared To Drive (And How To Face Your Fears)

adult driving courseWhile many American teenagers can’t wait to get their license, the desire to drive isn’t universal. In fact, driving-related anxieties and even phobias are quite common. And even though 86% of U.S. workers commuted by car in 2013, that doesn’t mean that everyone wants to learn to drive. Unfortunately, a fear of driving has the potential to hold you back from pursuing a number of opportunities. Below, we’ll discuss a few of the reasons people are scared to drive and how driving classes might help you get past your fears.

  1. Past Experiences
    If someone has been in a car accident or associates driving with some kind of traumatic event, they may be understandably reluctant to get behind the wheel. Most of our fears aren’t rational, and many people worry that their prior experience (be it a panic attack, an instance of road rage, or driving through a horrible storm) might happen again. As a result, that individual might avoid the situation entirely, meaning that they won’t want to drive at all. Ultimately, this makes it very difficult to break the cycle; even when working around the issue can be tough, it’s often easier to face than the alternative.
  2. Crashing
    Getting in an accident can be physically and/or emotionally devastating for many people, and unfortunately, these incidents do happen. That’s why defensive driving is so important However, when a fear of crashing keeps you from wanting to practice driving at all, you might benefit from taking an adult driving course or signing up for individual lessons. Sometimes, when inexperienced drivers feel pressure from others on the road, they might be inclined to make unsafe choices just to get out of the way. In your driving classes, you’ll learn much better techniques for dealing with other drivers in highly trafficked areas. Rather than traveling at unsafe speeds, you’ll learn how to travel safely and calmly.
  3. Unfamiliar Locations
    Many people don’t really learn to navigate until they take driving classes and get into the driver’s seat. And because we rely so much on our GPS and navigating apps, it can be tough to really get a feel for a particular location (even if it’s your home town!). But for a lot of people, driving somewhere strange can send their anxiety skyrocketing. The idea of being away from home and not knowing what might happen can convince some people not to drive at all.

So what can you do about driving fears?
For one thing, an adult driving course can provide you with a lot of valuable information. The fear of the unknown is real, and the more knowledge you have, the calmer you’ll probably feel. Plus, an adult driving course can allow you to face your fears in a more controlled environment, with trainers who understand your hesitations and the common issues inexperienced drivers may have. You might also benefit from individual sessions with an trainer, as these can be tailored to tackle your anxieties in a productive way. However, if your fear of driving is such that you can’t face the idea of operating a vehicle, you might want to consider speaking to a therapist or a trusted friend or relative.

Any kind of anxiety can be a challenge to overcome, but with the proper guidance, you will likely be able to face your fears and become an even more confident (and competent) driver as a result.

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