3 Reasons Senior Citizens Should Sign Up For Driving Courses

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When you think of driving school participants, you’re probably inclined to picture individuals in their mid-teens. While that’s certainly a popular age to sign up for Chandler driving classes, it’s certainly not the only time when it’s appropriate to enroll in a driving course. There are roughly 214 million licensed drivers in the United States, and thanks to advancements in modern medicine and lifestyle improvements, a substantial portion of those drivers are older. In fact, roughly 40 million American drivers are aged 65 and older, with 3.5 million Americans aged 85 and up still holding a driver’s license.

One of the benefits of being an older driver is the wealth of experience you have behind the wheel. However, there are definite drawbacks to being a senior motorist. Since your reflexes may not be what they once were and rules may have changed since you first decided to learn to drive, it’s possible that your experience won’t keep you safe on the road. That’s why many driving schools in AZ — as well as national programs and agencies — will offer course options specifically geared towards senior citizens. But why exactly might you want to sign up for Chandler driving classes as an older individual? Below, you’ll find three reasons you might not have considered.

  1. You Can Address New Challenges Head-On: Despite the fact that you may have obtained your license decades ago, that doesn’t mean you know everything about being a safe and skilled driver. Realistically, you should continue to build upon your driving skillset throughout your entire life. Seniors, in particular, may face unique challenges while operating a vehicle. Many Chandler driving classes will discuss the ways in which senior participants can recognize their shortcomings and learn how to properly adjust for physical changes (like slower reflexes, weaker vision, or loss of hearing). Although many senior drivers are considered to be safer by insurance companies, this demographic actually has a higher serious collision risk than many other age groups because of those risks and the damage that may be sustained following a crash. By understanding the challenges you face and knowing what you can do to avoid a crash, you can lower your risk of sustaining those serious injuries and gain more self-awareness surrounding your limitations.
  2. You May Be Eligible for Insurance Discounts: Insurance companies like to reward senior drivers who invest in ongoing driver education. By signing up for and passing an approved driving course, you could end up reducing your insurance premiums by a substantial amount — sometimes by as much as 10%. For seniors who are being forced to pay more for healthcare and other expenditures in retirement, every little discount helps. Although Arizona is not one of the states that mandate discounts for seniors, signing up for Chandler driving classes may still be financially beneficial for many older folks. After all, if you can avoid making car repairs or can save money on injury care after an accident as a result of the knowledge you’ve taken away from your course, that could play a role in your overall monetary health.
  3. You Will Obtain Valuable Peace of Mind: Another main reason seniors may want to sign up for driving school is the confidence and peace of mind they’ll get out of the experience. If you know exactly what to do to avoid an accident or have the information you need to accommodate for certain changes in your health, you’ll feel prepared every time you turn the key in your ignition. What’s more, your family will probably feel more at-ease about your driving, which can eliminate the need for some uncomfortable conversations or familial tensions. While you won’t be able to drive indefinitely, doing everything you can to stay in tip-top driving shape can provide the encouragement many seniors need to take care of themselves as they get older.

As you can see, Chandler driving classes aren’t just for teens who are first learning how to drive. To find out additional information on our driving courses and how they can benefit you, please contact us today.

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