3 Considerations When Choosing a Driving School

3 Considerations When Choosing a Driving School

Driving schools—like every other product or service—vary in quality. While some schools employ veteran drivers gifted in instruction, other programs focus on churning their students through quickly (and carelessly). When paired with solid support from home and school, a successful driving school promotes the best outcomes for student drivers. Not only that, but the best programs also take on all ages and abilities due to their instructors’ readiness and ability to teach anyone. To learn more about the considerations when choosing a driving school, read on below.

Instructor Certification

As a foundation, a driving school’s instructors must each have a valid certification to conduct a driving course. The certification varies by state, but there are several common qualifications a prospective instructor must meet.

First, instructors must be at least 21 years old to initiate the process. Also, they must carry a valid license with a good driving record, devoid of serious violations or revocations. Beyond these factors, they must pass a vision test, be physically able to operate a car, and illustrate their comprehensive knowledge of road signs, traffic laws, and general safe driving practices during a written test. When you verify driving instructors’ credentials, it’s clear they not only possess the legal ability to conduct lessons. They also demonstrate their safe driving record and competence when behind the wheel with a student.

Program Credibility

Often, driving schools have a certain reputation among former students and parents. To gauge a driving school’s credibility, ask around about instructors’ skills, whether the program met expectations, and if the company was credible and transparent about the entire process. The best driving schools deliver what they advertise and earn customers’ praise in the process.

Aspects that lead to a positive reputation include caring, supportive, and patient instructors, clear and simple pricing, and comprehensive lessons.

Scheduling Flexibility

Another consideration when choosing a driving school is their schedule flexibility. Students’ availability for driving school—in addition to school or work—is likely limited. Driving schools that have weekend and evening hours and the general ability to work around students’ schedules are preferable.

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